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About us

After several years developing our business, we decided to expand our company to North America, achieving a commercial alliance with Puronics, the best manufacturer of water treatment systems.

Puronics®️ is a leading water treatment equipment manufacturer headquartered in Livermore, California. Puronics®️ water treatment products condition and purify millions of gallons of water per year. Many leading restaurants and hotels rely on Puronics®️ systems, as do dry cleaners, country clubs and other companies. Individuals use Puronics®️ water treatment products, providing high quality water throughout their homes, to provide a variety of aesthetic and economic benefits. Puronics®️ water treatment systems include technologies such as water softeners, water filters, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, bacteriostatic carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection. Companies use Puronics®️ products for pre-treatment of boilers, hot water heaters, dishwashers and steam-handling equipment as well as other water using appliances. Companies also use Puronics®️ drinking water filtration systems as a replacement to bottled water.

Serrato Water was developed as a subsidiary of Serrato Industries LLC, a company founded more than 40 years ago in South America by the Italian engineer Arturo Serrato. This company has been operating in the food , pharmaceutical and plastic business.

We have a water bottling and ice manufacturing plant suitable for human consumption in that territory, which has given us extensive knowledge and experience to provide our customers with pure water of the best quality.

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